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The ethanol plants are designed to manufacture fuel grade ethanol that can be blended with petrol. The ethanol plant uses state of the art technology to ensure optimum output & lowest energy & input consumptions. It includes continuous fermentation, multi pressure distillation & molecule sieve technologies, which are considered to be the latest in the ethanol industry. Evaporation technology is used to reduce the spent wash generation in order to reduce pollution. Bio-methanation plant reduces BOD / COD levels & generates biogas for use as fuel into co-gen power plant boiler. Bio-compost equipment is used to treat the spent wash generated from the ethanol plant and the compost fertilizer thus produced is sold to the farmers in the command area while ensuring zero effluent discharge. Company's Ethanol production is being sold HPCL, BPCL, IOCL's Depots in the nearby vicinity .
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Lauriya EC compliance
Sugauli EC compliance
Environmental Clearance for Distillery and Co-gen project - Sugauli
Sugauli EC compliance
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Holiday List 2019 (Sugauli & Lauriya)
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